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Westland is your best choice for Greenhouse Supplies

Whether you grow vegetables, flowers, pots, or bedding plants Westland is your best supplier for many of your needs. See below for many of the products and services we can supply.

Retractable Roof

Westland now offers a very affordable Retractable Roof Structure!

Some plants require exposure to the elements. However, if the weather gets harsh, those plants still need protection. Westland's new Novavert system on our own in-house Post and Truss structure may be the ideal structure for your goals. Call us to find out more!

Shading/Energy Savings Systems

Westland has been specializing in Shading Systems for almost 20 years!

With constant developments in our components, we have the most reliable shading in our industry. See our Shading Systems Page for more information.

Shipping Carts

Westland now offers Shipping Carts!

We have carts of many sizes that may help you with your shipping needs. High quality Galvanized Steel, with sturdy wheels and expanded metal shelves, these carts can help you achieve your shipping goals affordably.

Insect Exclusion

Westland has many options to protect your crop from insects through your venting!

Whether you have roof venting, side vents or roll-ups, we can help. See our Insect Exclusion Page for more information.

Used Venlo and Poly Houses

Westland sells used Venlo Greehouses, and also helps you buy or sell used poly greenhouses!

We currently have ONE used poly greenhouse, and offer many options for used Venlo Houses.

Click here for information on Used Venlos

Click here for information on Used Poly Houses now available!

Greenhouse Equipment

Westland has many options for equipment for your greenhouse!

We sell Heaters, Fans, Shutters, Shipping Carts, Monorails, Water Silos and Automatic Doors and more. See our Equipment Page for more information.

Greenhouse Poly

Westland has many options for poly for your greenhouse!

Our poly, from Politiv, is high quality, durable, tear resistant and has a high light transmission. See our Poly Page for more information.

Greenhouse Supplies

Westland has many options for supplies for your greenhouse!

We have great pricing on Metal Tubing, Doors, UniStruts and more. See our Supplies Page for more information.

Westland's Marketplace

Westland has a used Greenhouse Equipment exchange called Marketplace!

Whether you are looking for Lighting, Heating, used structures and more, see our Supplies Page to see what's available.

Why Choose Westland?

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