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"We chose Westland because they have experience with large jobs, and their pricing is competitive. The energy screens they installed have resulted in energy savings and a better crop. I would definitely recommend Westland."

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All-New - Ice Rink Plastic!

All New, Westland now offers plastic specifically made for ice rinks! This plastic is from the same supplier as the plastic for greenhouses that we sell, however it has fewer additives such as UV resistance. Same great quality plastic - lower cost! It is perfect for a backyard rink, and comes in many widths and lengths - pricing is on our Ice Rink Plastic Page! Check it out, and tell your friends!

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All-New - Inflatable Rubber Wheels!


All New, a cart with larger 8" inflatable wheels for areas with gravel or uneven ground. The upgrade is only $20 CAD!!! Click here for more information on our carts.


Depending on your crop, a condensation drip from your poly can be a danger to your plants. A one-fold poly sheet has its only fold at the peak, and no folds on the arch, reducing potential drip lines. And we can supply one sheet up to 28 feet wide with one fold - good for most any greenhouse up to 24 ft wide. Click here for more information and details on our promotion.

The All-New Quick-Zip System

With Greenhouses etting higher and higher, we needed to develop a way to change cloth quickly, efficiently, and more importantly, be able to change cloth when there is crop on the ground. This system enables a quick change of cloth by pulling a cable across the leading edge, effectively zipping the cloth to the leading edge. All cloth change can be done from the side of the greenhouse now, no cloth clips!

Our Shading System is high-quality, durable, and easy to maintain. Add to that competitive pricing and great installation strategies, and you can be sure that Westland is your best choice for screens.

Westland Greenhouse Supplies was established in 1995 by Geert van Zanten, and has provided the industry with quality service and a wide selection of greenhouses, shading systems, shade structures, shelters, equipment and supplies.

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